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Writing Samples

Video Games

I've always loved gaming, so it's been an amazing opportunity to freelance for TheGamer as a List Article Writer.

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Tourism & Travel Blog Posts

I've worked with numerous tourism agencies throughout New York State. As a travel blogger, I've been able to explore all areas of the state via Amtrak, like the Great Northern Catskills, Albany, Rochester, Westchester, New York City, and more.

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As an adaptive writer, I've had to research different topics to write a variety of engaging content. This led me to write articles for a local financial institution.

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Advertising Technology

As a Content Marketing Specialist at EX.CO, I singlehandedly manage a blog editorial calendar with content focused on advertising technology. 

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Content Marketing Services

As a content marketer, I've provided a variety of services, including social media, storytelling, branding, email marketing, and more.

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In the past few years, I've written and edited copy for multiple travel publications, like Amtrak's New York by Rail, New York's Best Experiences, and popular destination guides for Rhinebeck, Schenectady, and Western New York Wilds.

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