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I'm a detail-oriented and adaptive writer with a Master of Arts degree in English. I specialize in content marketing, SEO, keyword research, and analysis. Additionally, I write, proofread, and edit for multiple digital and print publications covering a wide variety of topics, including gaming, ad tech, and tourism. I'm also a personable and active team member who can work both independently and in group settings.

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A writer, editor, and Content Marketing Specialist

Writing has always been my greatest passion, so pursuing two degrees in English was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made.


Though I didn't originally anticipate entering the content marketing world, the proficient writing, creative, and analytical skills that I gained from my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees left me more than prepared for my career.


But as a Content Marketing Specialist working on digital content and publishing, I know that writing a successful article extends beyond an engaging topic. I specialize in SEO and analytics to ensure that content is optimized for search, and I regularly review those metrics through different platforms, like Google Analytics.

At my core, I'm a problem solver, so analysis and research are paramount to me.

A few of my experiences...

One thing I love about writing is the versatility in my professional life. I started in the travel and tourism industry as a Content Marketing Specialist to promote traveling via train throughout New York State for Amtrak, which gave me the amazing opportunity to experience everything the state has to offer as a travel blogger. Aside from travel by train I've also written and edited multiple print destination guides. 


Today I find myself in the tech industry in another Content Marketing Specialist role. Now I write about advertising and video technology, while also managing a blog editorial calendar and social media calendar.


I also choose to write in my free time. I currently freelance for TheGamer as a List Article Writer, and will occasionally tutor students to empower them to become stronger, more confident writers.

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